Kabira Not Until I Die – Synopsis

Here is the quick synopsis of bestseller love story ‘Kabira Not Until I Die’ woven in thrill and adventure, set in the backdrop of late 70’s.

Kabir is an Indian, studying journalism in Moscow. He loves Noosh, who is Persian, and returning to Afghanistan after her studies.

Kabir had to come to Afghanistan for his lady love under any circumstances. While he tries to find a job in the central asian nation, things are difficult. Sensing Kabir’s disappointment, his doting Russian Professor gets him a desired job in Noosh’s homeland, with an American media house. What he asks from Kabir in return, leads to creating history.

The journey and adventure that is set out to be fun and thrilling turns into an unexpected turn of events, and eventually, a war.

Read on to discover more in this fiction of love, hope, romance and adventure.

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